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2015 Cessna T240 TTx N191FR

Volume 30, Number 20e, May 19, 2023
DeltaHawk DHK180 Receives FAA Certification
DeltaHawk announced on Thursday that it has received FAA type certification for its 180-HP DHK180 piston engine. The four-cylinder, clean-sheet design features an inverted-V engine block, turbocharging and supercharging, mechanical fuel injection, liquid cooling, direct drive and, according to the[…]   Read this article
Boeing Launches Climate Impact Modeling Tool
Boeing has publicly released a data modeling tool designed to identify the effects of sustainability solutions on aviation carbon emissions. Called the Boeing Cascade Climate Impact Model, the tool looks at “the full life cycle of alternate energy sources for[…]   Read this article
David Clark 'Headset hunting?
Threading Needles
It’s not fun trying to make a left turn out of my neighborhood. It exits onto a busy, six-lane road. There’s no traffic light, just a gap in the median. Cutting across steady traffic demands patience, timing, and good judgment.[…] Read this article

Alsim 'Better & safer pilots
Rolls-Royce Conducts First UltraFan Tests
Rolls-Royce announced on Thursday that it has successfully completed the first tests of its UltraFan technology demonstrator engine. Considered the world’s largest aeronautical engine to date, the UltraFan has a fan diameter of 140 inches and offers features including Rolls-Royce’s[…] Read this article

AEA 'Free Pilot's guide
NASA Armstrong Preparing New Chase Aircraft
An F/A-18D slated to join the chase aircraft fleet at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center has gotten a new paint scheme and is nearing approval to fly. Designated NASA 862, the aircraft will be used to chase the X-59 Quiet[…] Read this article

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