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Volume 29, Number 17d, April 28, 2022
Diamond Predicting 20-Minute Charge For Electric eDA40
Diamond Aircraft says the electrified version of its DA40 single will have up to a 90-minute endurance and charge time of 20 minutes. The company announced on Wednesday it has chosen Safran’s ENGINeUS electric motor to power the eDA40. “With[…]   Read this article
Requiem For Aviation’s Hottest Image Enhancer
This could appear on a check ride, if your examiner watches too much YouTube: What do LR23, 8-track, and Frank Sinatra share? The answer without thinking, because I haven’t, is: They made the 1970s marginally tolerable. Each is connected to[…]   Read this article
David Clark 'Fly a legend April 28 2022
Plane Swap Gone Half Bad; FAA Not Amused
Last weekend’s Red Bull-sponsored plane swap was a half success. One pilot made the transfer and landed the companion aircraft. But the other airplane spun out of control and crashed in the Arizona desert. Now the FAA is curious about[…] Read this article

JP Instruments 'Balanced Approach
Boeing In The Red On Air Force One Deal
Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun says the company will lose $660 million on the $4 billion deal it signed to build two new replacements for the VC-25 executive transports that are often used as Air Force One. In an earnings call[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Because staying in control is all that really matters'
747 BBJ With 42 Hours Sent To The Desert
A virtually new Boeing 747-8 abandoned by the Saudi royal family 10 years ago is now owned by Boeing and awaiting an unknown fate in Arizona. According to the FAA registry Boeing became the owner of the aircraft, which has[…] Read this article

Tuskegee Airman Wants Cards For 100th Birthday
One of the last surviving members of the Tuskegee Airmen is hoping his next birthday on May 21 will be one to be remembered by thousands. Sgt. Victor Butler, who was a mechanic for the famed squadron, is asking people[…] Read this article