Volume 27, Number 40a, September 28, 2020
Dickson To Fly MAX Sept. 30
Perhaps the most important flight in Boeing’s history, symbolically at least, is scheduled for Wednesday as FAA Administrator Steve Dickson […]   Read this article
Arsenal Of Democracy Fly-Over: Remembering Who We Are
Although weather canceled it, the flyover's intent came through loud and clear.   Read this article
Aviation Insurance: Expensive And Getting Worse
If you're an aircraft owner, you've noticed that insurance is becoming hard to get and more expensive. In this roundtable discussion, three insurance experts tell us what to expect. Read this article

First Commercial-Grade Aircraft Flies On Hydrogen Fuel Cells
With pure battery powered aircraft still short on endurance, hydrogen fuel cell technology is gaining traction. And in the U.K. […] Read this article

Airline Support Ends: Future Looks Bleak
The government aid that has kept airlines and, by extension, the companies that supply and service them on life support […] Read this article

Poll: Should The Airlines Get More Financial Support?
 Read this article

Last A380 Rolls Out
The last A380 has rolled off the assembly line in Toulouse, France, ending the production run at just 242 aircraft. […] Read this article

Harrison Ford Cleared To Keep Flying
Harrison Ford has completed a “remedial runway incursion training course” and has been cleared to continue flying after an incident […] Read this article

FAA Adds Additional Facilities To LAANC System
The FAA announced on Thursday that it has added 133 additional air traffic facilities to its Low Altitude Authorization and […] Read this article

Helicopter Crew Leads Searchers To Missing Boy
The confluence of a high-tech helicopter, some creative thinking and the dedication of first responders delivered a six-year-old special needs […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, September 25, 2020
This week's letters brought comments from readers about flight simulators, Pipistrel's Panthera and full airframe parachutes. Read this article