Volume 28, Number 41a, October 4, 2021
Drone Detection App In Works
A Denver pilot says he’s successfully tested an app that can detect drones that might conflict with aircraft. Drone Traffic CEO Rick Zelenka said the test was conducted at Platte Valley Airport in Hudson, Colorado, and was the result of[…]   Read this article
Mid-Air Fear: Do We Overstate It?
What really scares you in an airplane? No, I’m not talking about turning the logbooks over to your IA for an annual on an aging Bonanza, but getting whacked in an accident. Is it a stall/spin? An engine failure on[…]   Read this article
Best Of The Web: Why Not Circular Runways?
In the early days of aviation, a crosswind landing was kind of an unknown thing. That’s because flying fields were large enough squares or circles to point the airplane directly into the wind or takeoff for landing. That standard persisted[…] Read this article

FAA Lifts Grounding Order On Virgin Galactic
Virgin Galactic says it’s planning its next crewed launch in mid-October after some remedial training from the FAA on the role of the push-to-talk button when flights don’t go according to plan. The agency has lifted its grounding order on[…] Read this article

FAA Sets Special Rules For magniX Electric Motors
The FAA has taken a major step in certificating commercial electric aircraft by publishing special conditions for the approval of motors, controllers and support equipment made by magniX. The Washington State company has been testing two different motors on Cessna[…] Read this article

Bizjet Shortage Prompts 'Private Jet Rage'
Adding to the list of COVID-19-related shortages, CNBC is reporting that there aren’t enough business jets to go around. The network says a trifecta of factors, including an uptick in private travel by COVID-conscious wealthy travelers, an uptick in suddenly[…] Read this article

Stearman Crashes After Highway Takeoff
Authorities in Chambers County, Texas, are offering few details on the crash of a Stearman that was attempting to take off from a highway in the town of Winnie on Saturday. The aircraft was destroyed but the pilot reportedly has[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, October 1, 2021
Bad For Aviation One More Time Interesting article, Paul. It pretty well sums up the current status of aviation and where it is going in the future. Modern kids are as used to flashy electronics as my generation was to[…] Read this article