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Volume 30, Number 6b, February 7, 2023
EAA Ray Aviation Scholarship Marks 300 Pilots
The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has reached a new milestone with more than 300 young people having earned their pilot certificates with the help of the organization’s Ray Aviation Scholarship program. Administered through the EAA Chapter network, the program provides[…]   Read this article
Roy Bridges, Mark Kelly To Be Inducted Into Astronaut Hall Of Fame
Former NASA astronauts Roy Bridges and Mark Kelly will be inducted into the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame as its class of 2023. A retired U.S. Air Force Major General, Bridges piloted the Space Shuttle Challenger for the STS-51F mission[…]   Read this article
Airfleet Capital 'Aircraft Financing
How GPS Works
Back in the bad old days of VOR navigation you could find your position by tuning in two different VORs. Each radial from a VOR was a “line of position” from that VOR. Your position could be anywhere on that[…] Read this article

Aspen 'Trade in trade up save big
Sheltair Launches Discount Program For Turtles Fly Too Pilots
FBO company Sheltair Aviation has launched a fuel discount program for pilots flying missions for nonprofit endangered wildlife rescue operation Turtles Fly Too. The program will be offered throughout Sheltair’s network, which includes 15 FBOs across Florida, Texas, Georgia and[…] Read this article

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Accident Probe: Not Bulletproof
Even before I started taking flying lessons, I was exposed to aviation. Without a formal frame of reference, I absorbed what little I could from other pilots’ stories, reading about flying in books and magazines like this one and, tragically,[…] Read this article