Volume 27, Number 28a, July 6, 2020
Bloomberg Says Boeing Has Killed The 747
Bloomberg is reporting that Boeing has decided to end production of the 747 after the current backlog of 16 airplanes, […]   Read this article
I’d Rather Be Mowing
Oh sure, it's great to say how much you love grass runways. But mowing one will knock the starry eyes outta that romance.   Read this article
Best of the Web: NASA's Mars Helicopter
In February 2021, NASA hopes to land on Mars an ambitious dual-rotor helicopter that will explore the planet’s surface and […] Read this article

Eight Feared Dead In Idaho Midair
Up to eight people are believed dead after two aircraft collided above Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho on Sunday afternoon. […] Read this article

Stratos 716X Completes First Flight
Stratos Aircraft announced on Thursday that its 716X single-engine jet has successfully completed its first flight. The flight lasted 22 […] Read this article

Sully Adds Voice To Lobby Against Potentially GPS-Jamming Cell Network
The lobby against the granting of radio spectrum adjacent to frequencies used by GPS to a startup wireless provider has […] Read this article

Australians Sleuth Out CO As Cause Of Floatplane Crash
Australian authorities have determined that carbon monoxide poisoning was behind the mysterious crash of a floatplane near Sydney that killed […] Read this article

Israel Unveils Airspace-Compliant Big Drone
An Israeli company says its new Bonanza-sized drone can mix it up safely with regular civilian air traffic thanks to […] Read this article

Poll: Taking An Airplane Vacation This Year?
Each week, we poll the savviest aviators on the World Wide Web (that's you) on a topic of interest to the flying community. Share your opinion by participating in our current poll. Read this article

El Al's Fate Determined This Week
Israeli flag carrier El Al is on the ropes and its fate will be determined by negotiations with pilots and […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, July 3, 2020
This week's letters brought comments from readers about takeoff accidents, flight training techniques and airline travel during the coronavirus pandemic. Read this article