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Volume 30, Number 9d, March 2, 2023
Passenger Allegedly Tries To Conceal Explosives In Checked Bag
A Pennsylvania man is in jail after security agents found an explosive device hidden in the lining of suitcase he had checked for a flight to Florida. Mark Muffley, 40, of Lansford, Pennsylvania, is facing numerous charges after his bag[…]   Read this article
FAA Nominee Quizzed On Aviation Knowledge
President Joe Biden’s pick for FAA Administrator Phil Washington faced a turbulent Senate confirmation hearing that included a Q and A from fellow non-pilot and staunch opponent of his confirmation Republican Sen. Ted Cruz. In what seemed to be an[…]   Read this article
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Wheels Up Layoffs Announced
Wheels Up, the country’s third largest operator in charter hours, has announced it’s laying off an unspecified number of non-operational employees to trim $30 million worth of salaries and benefits from its payroll. Despite its meteoritic growth, Wheels Up hasn’t[…] Read this article

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Tankers, Recon Planes Grounded Over Faulty Tail Pins
More than 200 of the Air Force’s most expensive and important aircraft were briefly grounded in February after it was discovered that the pins that hold the vertical stabilizer to the fuselages of most Air Force variants of the Boeing[…] Read this article

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