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Volume 30, Number 39a, September 25, 2023
F-35B Pilot Explains Ejection To 911 Operator
CNN has obtained the 911 audio of the aftermath of the loss of a Marine Corps F-35B that flew on for 60 miles after the pilot ejected over Charleston, South Carolina, last week. The audio reveals a few more details[…]   Read this article
Checking In On AI
Back in August, as I was plodding away on that universal symbol of the futility of modern life, the treadmill, I was simultaneously enriching my brain by listening to a podcast. It was some New York Times columnist prattling about[…]   Read this article
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OSIRIS-REx Mission Explained
After a seven-year mission to a remote carbonaceous asteroid called Bennu, a small sample container blazed through the Earth’s atmosphere Sunday morning returning the first ever samples from that object. As explained in this week’s NASA video, the entire mission[…] Read this article

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Jump Pilot Blames Skydiver For Fatal Midair Collision
The pilot of a jump plane has testified he believes a wing-suited skydiver was to blame for a midair collision with the aircraft that resulted in the jumper’s decapitation. The pilot, identified as Alain C., is facing manslaughter charges in[…] Read this article

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'Hard Landing' Damages Praetor
All the usual authorities are investigating a “hard landing” that may have written off a Flexjet Embraer Praetor 500 in Georgia last week. The bizjet was flying six passengers from Westchester County Airport in New York when it apparently slammed[…] Read this article

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China Looking For 'High Quality' Pilot Candidates
China is updating its military pilot recruitment by extending eligibility to science and engineering graduate students. Reuters is reporting those selected (male only) will train to fly fighters from carriers as the country rapidly expands its naval aviation capability. In[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, September 22, 2023
Beware Of Low-Pressure Open Door Policies Great yarn Paul, brilliantly penned. Thank you. It reminds me of an old mate, now long departed. 40 years ago, I was a young shearer working in the Great Southern region of Western Australia.[…] Read this article