Volume 28, Number 45a, November 1, 2021
FAA To Take Regulatory Action Over 5G Altimeter Interference
The FAA plans to issue a Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin and an Airworthiness Directive in coming days concerning the rollout of 5G cellular phone service in 46 major metropolitan areas of the U.S. on Dec. 5, according to Reuters. The[…]   Read this article
Is A 5G Showdown Looming?
Although we often complain that aviation doesn’t get the attention it deserves in Washington, I have a feeling that’s about to change. From what I can read into the somewhat alarming news first broken by The Wall Street Journal, the[…]   Read this article
Best Of The Web: Boeing's 377 Stratocruiser
In that grand tradition of American capitalism, airlines and airplane makers have spared no effort in marketing films about the wonders of modern airline travel. One of the most ambitious was this promo produced for Pan Am’s Clipper service with[…] Read this article

Buttigieg Says No-Fly List For Violent Passengers 'On The Table'
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Sunday that a no-fly list for violent airplane passengers should be considered. Buttigieg told CNN that a federal list should be “on the table” as the government grapples with a persistent increase in unruly behavior[…] Read this article

Experimental Fatal Accident Rate Continues Decline
Experimental aircraft safety continues to improve and exceed goals set by the FAA, according to EAA. The organization said in a news release last week that there were 42 fatal accidents involving experimentals in the period from Oct. 1, 2020,[…] Read this article

FAA Approves 600 Engines For GAMI Unleaded Fuel
The FAA has approved an additional 611 certified piston aircraft engines to run on GAMI’s G100UL high octane unleaded avgas in an FAA-approved model list that was posted on Thursday. With the announcement, about 70 percent of existing engines in[…] Read this article

Air Force Developing Amphibious C-130
The U.S. Air Force is reportedly fast-tracking development of an amphibious float mod for the C-130 to respond to increasing tension with China in the South Pacific. The float-equipped aircraft would be used to deploy personnel, including Special Forces. The[…] Read this article

Boeing Breaks Ground For Jacksonville MRO Facility
Boeing officially began construction on a new maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility located at Cecil Airport (VQQ) in Jacksonville, Florida, on Thursday. The 370,000-square-foot facility will include eight hangars along with work and office space. According to the company,[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, October 29, 2021
Can We Finally Prove The Impossible Turn Isn’t Impossible? For 30 years I’ve taught–based on numerous exercises and flight with experts, and by putting hundreds of pilots through the exercise in a type-specific Beech Bonanza simulator–that the decision isn’t between[…] Read this article