Volume 26, Number 26b
July 3, 2019
FAA, AOPA: Comments Wanted On Cessna 177 And 210 Spar Cracking
Following the fatal crash of a 1976 Cessna T210M in Australia, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau determined the aircraft had […]   Read this article
Aspen Receives STC For Evolution MAX Displays
Aspen Avionics says it has received STC approval for its Evolution MAX displays. The MAX name denotes a “bolder and […]   Read this article
FAA: GPS Outage Won’t Count As ADS-B Violations
The FAA released a policy statement (PDF) last week assuring operators that “the FAA will not consider aircraft non-compliant with […]   Read this article
Romain Trapp Succeeds Chris Emerson At Airbus Helicopters
Longtime Airbus manager Romain Trapp will succeed Chris Emerson as president of Airbus Helicopters Inc. and head of the company’s […] Read this article

Headwinds For Dickson As Next FAA Admin
It’s been more than four months since former Delta Air Lines executive Steve Dickson was nominated to take over for […] Read this article

Thoughts Interrupted?
Distractions are a dangerous element in flying, whether IFR or VFR. A distraction is the process of diverting one’s attention […] Read this article

Accident Probe: Lack Of Peer Pressure
When I was a student pilot, I was lucky to have some grizzled mentors. There were a lot of “do […] Read this article

Textron Service Letter Affects Cardinals, Centurions
Some Cessna 177 and 210 owners will need an immediate inspection of the spar that holds their wings on after […] Read this article

10 Dead In Texas King Air Crash (Updated)
Local officials in Addison, Texas, have confirmed that all 10 people aboard died in the crash of a King Air […] Read this article

Rudders? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Rudders
The venerable Ercoupe was touted as "requiring no footwork." And a generation of post-war pilots can tell you that was sure enough true. Read this article

Best Of The Web: How A Radial Engine Goes Together
Ever wonder how a radial engine goes together, especially how those seven or nine connecting rods all merge at the crankshaft? Grab some coffee and sit through this master class video by Dan Cabral and you'll find out. Carbral is a product design engineer and used Keyshot to render this animation and After Effects to assemble the video. The engine is a Rotec R-2800. See more at www.dancabraldesign.com. Read this article

Airbus Tests 'Flapping' Wingtips
Airbus is testing a scale model of an A321 with “flapping” wingtips it says may lead to lighter and less […] Read this article