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Volume 30, Number 30f, July 29, 2023
FAA Getting Ready To Regulate Space Tourism Safety
Although the FAA may seem to be all over commercial space regulation, it’s about to fill a big gap that Congress mandated almost 20 years ago. SpaceRef is reporting the agency has struck the Human Space Flight Occupant Safety Rulemaking[…]   Read this article
AirVenture 2023: NASA Shows The Super Guppy
Few aircraft are instantly recognizable as NASA’s bulbous Super Guppy heavy transport. It has been on the job since the 1960s, transporting large aircraft and spacecraft components. It will be used to transport the heat shield for the Artemis Moon[…]   Read this article
Tempest 'AeroGuard Induction Air Filters
Thunderstorm Damage Sets Back Air Force Flight Training
Air Force officials say their already-challenged basic flight training program has been set back by a destructive thunderstorm that heavily damaged 12 T-6 Texan II trainers at Vance Air Force Base in Oklahoma July 20. Because of the power of[…] Read this article

Rotax 'AirVenture 2023 Engine oil'
AirVenture 2023: FAA Takes Hypoxia Training On The Road
Hypoxia doesn’t rank high as an accident cause, but it’s implicated often enough to cause the FAA to bring its portable hypoxia training to AirVenture. It’s the size of an office cubicle and uses mixed gases to simulate high altitude[…] Read this article

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Podcast: Continental On CD-300 FAA Type Certification, Sustainability Initiatives
Continental Aerospace vice president for global sales and applications engineering Oliver Leber talked with AVweb at AirVenture 2023 about the FAA validated type certificate for the CD-300 engine, testing hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) on the CD-100 and some of the[…] Read this article

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Flight Attendant Hurt During Evasive Action
The FAA has confirmed it is investigating a conflict between an Allegiant Airlines A320 and a Gulfstream business jet that resulted in unspecified injuries to an Allegiant flight attendant. The Washington Post says the Allegiant crew reacted to a TCAS[…] Read this article

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Safran Buying Collins Flight Control Business
Safran announced it’s buying Collins Aerospace’s flight control business for $1.8 billion. The French company says it wants the business unit to strengthen its own competing flight control enterprise. “The transaction would enable us to deliver a comprehensive offering to[…] Read this article

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AirVenture 2023: True Blue Power's New Lithium Batteries
If you haven’t shopped the aircraft battery market in a while, you’ll be overwhelmed by new tech, including lithium-ion options. True Blue Power—a division of Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics—was showing off its new lithium-ion batteries (including a 12-volt option) at[…] Read this article