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Volume 29, Number 39a, September 26, 2022
FAA Nominee Involved In Los Angeles Investigation
It may be some time before Phil Washington, President Joe Biden’s pick as FAA Administrator, heads for confirmation by the Senate thanks to his involvement in a criminal corruption investigation in Los Angeles County. An LA county supervisor’s home was[…]   Read this article
Not Coming To A Dealer Near You
Could it be we are at the one-in-one-out phase of the budding eVTOL market? This week, the outtie is KittyHawk, an early and well-funded entrant into what is imagined as the Urban Air Mobility market. The closure is significant because[…]   Read this article
Aircraft Spruce 'Everything for Planes & Pilots'
When Airplanes Ruled The Movies
The years between the world wars are widely considered the Golden Age of flight. In the midst of it, Charles Lindbergh flew the Atlantic, air races were wildly popular, aircraft were making huge strides in performance and safety and passenger[…] Read this article

JP Instruments 'best edm choice
Wizz Air Sneaks A320 Out Of Ukraine
Hungarian budget carrier Wizz Air has repatriated one of four A320s stranded in Ukraine in what looks like an off-the-books dash to Poland. The airline has confirmed the flight, which operated from Lviv, about 40 miles from the Polish border[…] Read this article

Bose 'Test of time
Aviation Safety 'Because staying in control is all that really matters'
Patched Up B-2 Ferried For Repairs
A B-2 bomber damaged in a runway excursion about a year ago at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri was ferried to Palmdale, California, where it was built, showing the scars of its gear collapse. Photographer Tom Jordan caught the[…] Read this article

Intercom Hack Creeps American Passengers
American Airlines flight crews are reporting several incidents in which someone appears to have hacked into aircraft PA systems and now passenger video of one incident has come to light. “The weirdest flight ever. These sounds started over the intercom[…] Read this article

Pilatus Acquires Skytech Inc.
Swiss aircraft manufacturer Pilatus announced on Friday that it has acquired U.S.-based specialist service provider and aircraft vendor Skytech Inc. According to Pilatus, the acquisition will allow the company to expand its involvement in the U.S. market. Skytech, which has[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, September 23, 2022
Diamond Rollover: Freak Accident Or A Design Flaw? Quite many years ago, I landed at a S. Fla airport with a thunderstorm rapidly approaching and very near the airport. I landed just fine and was cleared to taxi to the[…] Read this article