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Volume 30, Number 28a, July 10, 2023
Report Says Biden Set To Nominate Mike Whitaker As FAA Administrator
Former FAA Deputy Administrator Mike Whitaker is expected to be nominated by President Joe Biden to become the agency’s next administrator. The Wall Street Journal said sources told it the announcement will likely come this week but talks have not[…]   Read this article
Pattern Wars: Part Deux
Sigh. They’re back. The modern resurrection of the pattern wars. As an inveterate FAA jailhouse lawyer, I already know the arguments. “Discouraged doesn’t mean prohibited.” “Advisory circulars aren’t regulatory, that’s why they’re called advisory.” “The FAA has no clue what’s[…]   Read this article
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World's Largest Rubber Band Airplane
Given modern materials, tools and techniques, you would think it would be a sure thing to scale up the standard rubber-band-powered airplane we all flew as kids and have something with a truly awesome wingspan. As this video from the[…] Read this article

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Six Die When Citation Crashes In Fog
Six people killed in the crash of Cessna 550 were apparently heading home on an early morning flight from Las Vegas on Saturday. CBS is reporting all six, ranging in age from 25 to 51, were from the immediate area[…] Read this article

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AD Affects 41,000 Turbocharged Aircraft
An AD that takes effect July 17 affects more than 41,000 turbocharged piston aircraft in service in the U.S. They’ll all have to be checked to see what kind of clamp is used to connect the turbocharger to the tailpipe.[…] Read this article

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Seniors Guide New Missile Production For Ukraine
Raytheon is pulling long-retired production workers out of their easy chairs and fishing boats to teach the current generation of factory employees how to make Stinger shoulder-launched missiles. Stingers have been out of production for 20 years and the stockpiles[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, July 7, 2023
Normalizing Deviance Two thoughts: My dad taught me to ride motorcycles, and we rode together often during my formative years. As an inexperienced rider, I often got butterflies before and during a ride–Dekker’s chronic uneasiness. It’s not a particularly comfortable[…] Read this article