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Volume 29, Number 37d, September 15, 2022
FAA Promises Flexibility In EVTOL Certification
Lirio Liu, the FAA’s new executive director of aircraft certification, tried to soothe concerns of the burgeoning urban mobility industry with a pledge for flexibility in certifying the new aircraft. Liu told the Revolution Aero conference in San Francisco on[…]   Read this article
A Bucketful Of Blues
Instructors know that student pilots teach us much more than we give in return, particularly when failure is involved. One student who showed me the meaning of dignity while floundering in the borscht of humiliation was Karl. But what’s in[…]   Read this article
AEA 'Upcoming Avionics Training'
Best Of The Web: Blancolirio Turbine Otter Crash Summary
On Sept. 4, 2022, 10 people were killed when a turbine Otter en route from Friday Harbor to Renton, Washington, crashed off Whidbey Island. In this video summary, Juan Brown of the blancorilirio channel covers what’s known about the accident[…] Read this article

AVweb 'Classifieds Launch Special
Forgotten Intake Plug Downed RAF F-35B
An RAF F-35B crashed last November because one of the engine intake plugs was left in. The U.K.’s Defence Safety Authority publicly released an interim report that was sent up the chain of command last June mainly to assure the[…] Read this article

Aviation Safety 'Active pilot's guide to what really matters-your safety
Security Concerns Temporarily Scuttle Washington Seaplane Service
A proposed seaplane service between New York and College Park Airport near Washington, D.C., has been delayed at least two weeks while federal officials assess security concerns. Tailwind Air announced the service last week and it was supposed to start[…] Read this article

FAA Grounds Blue Origin After Launch Crash
The FAA has grounded Blue Origin’s space tourism flights after one of its rockets blew up a minute after launch on Monday. The rocket was on an uncrewed suborbital mission when something went wrong at 65 seconds. The rocket was[…] Read this article