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Volume 30, Number 23e, June 9, 2023
FAA Proposes Rules For Powered-Lift Pilot Certification, Training
The FAA is proposing new rules to establish requirements for pilot certification and operation of powered-lift aircraft. Under the proposed regulations, pilots would be required to hold a type rating for each powered-lift model they fly. The rule (PDF) also[…]   Read this article
Two Teams Complete 48-States Speed Record Attempts
Two teams have recently completed flights aiming to log the fastest time by plane to land in all 48 contiguous U.S. states. Bob Reynolds and John Skittone, both from Illinois, report that they finished their trip in 38 hours and[…]   Read this article
JP Instruments 'Easy Fit
Departing And Arriving
When I earned my instrument rating many years ago, it was common to add the notation “No SIDs, No STARs” in the comments block of an IFR flight plan. This was primarily because these procedures were published in a separate[…] Read this article

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U.S. Navy Selects Students For 2023 Summer Flight Academy
The U.S. Navy has chosen 28 high school students from across the country to attend its eight-week 2023 Summer Flight Academy aviation program. The program includes approximately 40 hours of flight training in either a Vulcanair V.10 or Piper Warrior[…] Read this article

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VoltAero Secures Grant For Hybrid-Electric Aircraft Development
VoltAero announced on Thursday that it has received a €5.6 million ($6 million) grant from the French government for the development of its Cassio 330 hybrid-electric aircraft. Capable of seating five people, the Cassio 330 will be powered by VoltAero’s[…] Read this article

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