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Volume 30, Number 30d, July 27, 2023
FAA Tightens Certification Oversight
The FAA says it will require aircraft manufacturers to disclose the fine details of changes to safety-critical systems during the certification process for new aircraft. The agency told Reuters it will “establish milestones throughout the certification process that will help[…]   Read this article
Van’s Updates Builders On Laser-Cut Parts
Van’s Aircraft responded to reports of cracking of dimpled parts found in recent kits here at AirVenture on Tuesday morning. The defects are the result of changes in the process for laser-cutting parts by an outside vendor. From February 2022[…]   Read this article
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AirVenture 2023: DeltaHawk DHK180
DeltaHawk received an FAA type certificate for its 180-HP DHK180 piston engine earlier this year. The four-cylinder, clean-sheet design was on display at AirVenture 2023 where AVweb’s Kate O’Connor took a look. Read this article

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No Chat GPT In The FAA
The FAA has issued a statement saying it does not use Chat GPT to help write computer code in its air traffic operations (ATO) or in any other systems. The agency hastily issued the statement after the Department of Transportation[…] Read this article

Gogoair 'AVANCE = Inflight connectivity
AirVenture 2023: Dynon Shows The D30 Backup EFIS
Dynon has gained some traction with its HDX line of certified EFIS products and at AirVenture 2023, it showed off a new addition to the line, the D30 backup EFIS. The D10A has, for years, been popular among homebuilders and[…] Read this article

Aspen 'Renew your panel AirVenture 2023
Podcast: Bose On The A30 Market Reception
Bose introduced its A30 noise canceling headset, the successor to the popular A20, at Sun ‘n Fun 2023. In this podcast recorded at AirVenture, senior product line manager for aviation Matt Ruwe spoke with AVweb about how the new model[…] Read this article

Tempest 'AeroGuard Induction Air Filters
AirVenture 2023: New Cessna Interiors
Whether it’s a flight school or private owner, today’s aircraft buyers demand modern interior styling, but it also has to be durable and maintenance friendly. That’s what Textron Aviation is trying to accomplish with completely redesigned interiors for its single-engine[…] Read this article

JP Instruments 'Power Trio v3
Canada Buys Nine A330 Tanker/Cargo Planes
The Canadian government has confirmed it is spending $3.6 billion (CAD) on nine militarized Airbus A330 aircraft to replace five first-generation A310 aircraft that will actually reach their life limits in the next few years. The new aircraft, designated the[…] Read this article

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