Volume 27, Number 26c, June 26, 2020
FAA Updates COVID-19 Relief SFAR
The FAA has issued an amendment expanding a special federal aviation regulation (SFAR) designed to provide regulatory relief for individuals […]   Read this article
RLT: Initials That Kept The Antiques Flying
Anyone who knows about old airplanes knows about Robert Taylor. He was instrumental in keeping these vintage aircraft fresh in the collective memory.   Read this article
Pakistan International Report: Unstabilized Approach, Poor Communication
The preliminary report on the PIA Airbus A320 that crashed in Karachi in May reveals a crew that started its […] Read this article

Diamond Introduces DA50 RG
Diamond Aircraft officially introduction its single-engine, retractable gear DA50 RG on Wednesday. The model was first announced at Aero Friedrichshafen […] Read this article

Statistical Risk Factors
As IFR pilots, we know that general aviation carries inherent risks. Sure, if we hide behind the stellar record of […] Read this article

Jack Bally Passes Away
U.S. Army veteran, retired carpenter and experimental aircraft builder Jack Bally Sr. passed away last Sunday at the age of […] Read this article

Global 5500 Enters Service
Bombardier’s first Global 5500 business jet has officially entered service, according to a company announcement on Thursday. Along with the […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, June 25, 2020
Photo taken at KOXC with an iPhone. No digital manipulations of any kind. Photo by Vince Calio. Read this article