Volume 28, Number 49b, December 1, 2021
FAA Videos Remind Pilots Of Best Strategies To Avoid CFIT
The FAA has released a new video in its “57 Seconds” series to help pilots avoid Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents. CFIT is defined as flying a perfectly good airplane into the ground for any of a number of[…]   Read this article
Business Jet Traffic Spikes; But Not Expected to Last With Omicron
With the reemergence of travel restrictions based on the Omicron variant of COVID-19 this is not likely to last, business jet traffic for the first three weeks of November was up almost 20 percent over that of the same period[…]   Read this article
Embraer, Pratt & Whitney Partner On SAF Demonstration Program
Pratt & Whitney and Embraer have signed a memorandum of understanding to conduct studies on aircraft burning 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The demonstration program will begin with planning integrated ground and flight testing for using 100 percent SAF[…] Read this article

ATP Certification Training Program Graduates 10,000th Student
ATP Flight School announced on Tuesday that Gretchen Leneski has become the 10,000th student to graduate from its Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP). Based at the school’s ATP JETS Part 142 airline training center in Dallas, Texas,[…] Read this article

Emirates Top Management Fearful Of Financial Impact From Omicron
Tim Clark, president of Emirates airline, warns of dangerous economic threats to global aviation from reaction to the potential surge of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus. Clark said during a Reuters Next news conference that the airline is hopeful[…] Read this article

General Aviation Accident Bulletin
AVweb’s General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister publication, Aviation Safety magazine. All the reports listed here are preliminary and include only initial factual findings about crashes. You can learn more about the final probable[…] Read this article

Short Final: Horizontal Or Vertical
My home airport is KAPA, which used to be Arapahoe County Airport but is now Centennial Airport in the south metropolitan area of Denver, Colorado. One day I was flying my Super Decathlon and I was entering a right downwind[…] Read this article