FBO of the Week: Pacific States Aviation (KCCR, Concord, California)

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Reporting on your favorite FBOs is usually a feel-good occasion, but this week we found a story in our inbox from one couple who had to rely on an FBO as their lifeline when they encountered a terrible situation while traveling. Bryan Liang explains what happened and how Pacific States Aviation at Buchanan Field Airport (KCCR) in Concord, California helped him cope:

My wife and I flew to CCR, hangared our plane with PSA, and borrowed its crew car. During our stay, we were carjacked. I suffered broken wrists and head wounds, and my wife spent eight days in ICU and twelve days in hospital literally fighting for her life.

The PSA folks were our main support the whole time. They came to the ER with flowers Saturday night. On Sunday they rented, paid for, and delivered a rental car to the hospital for me. They paid for my hotel, waived fuel/hangar fees, waxed our plane, talked with me daily, and then drove us 1.5 hrs to a commercial flight home. All because it was the right thing to do.

PSA's generosity and kindness lifted a heavy burden from us. They cared. Words cannot describe how much they opened their hearts to us and helped us feel we weren't alone. We are deeply grateful for all Greg, Shari, Jennifer, Marcy and the line guys did for us. They represent the best in aviation and the best in human beings. They deserve to be not only "FBO of the Week," but of the year, of the decade, and of the century.

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