Volume 27, Number 1c, January 3, 2020
2019 Sees Fewer Fatal Passenger Aircraft Accidents
2019 saw a reduction in fatal aircraft accidents involving large passenger aircraft over the previous year, according to a worldwide civil aviation safety review conducted by Netherlands-based aviation consultancy To70. The review, which covers passenger-carrying commercial air transport operations in aircraft with a maximum takeoff mass of 5700 kg (about[…]   Read this article
Unexplained Drone Swarms Alarm Residents In Colorado
Authorities in Colorado and Nebraska continue to investigate reports of unexplained nighttime swarms of drones over eastern Colorado and western Nebraska. Dozens of residents have reported seeing drones at various altitudes with sizes estimated to be as large as six feet. Jennifer Rollins told the Denver Post this week that[…]   Read this article
So Then the Decade Ended
This is a chicken-egg thing. I don’t know whether people like to tie things up in 10-year bundles because they like bundles or we do that in the press because some long-dead editor proposed it and we could never stop. Or because some of us work on New Year’s day.[…] Read this article

Tiltrotor Prototype Makes Milestone Flight
Leonardo Helicopters announced that it successfully completed the first flight of an AW609 tiltrotor prototype “fully representative” of the aircraft’s final production configuration last week. The aircraft is the fourth AW609 prototype and, according to the company, represents the model’s entry into “the final program development and ground/flight testing stages.”[…] Read this article

Homebuilt Registrations Grew In 2019
With nearly 1200 experimental/amateur-built aircraft newly registered in 2019, the fleet has seen its largest growth in a decade. The 2019 figure is up from 888 the prior year, while last year 916 aircraft were removed or “de-registered,” for a net gain of 270 registrations. All told, the FAA shows[…] Read this article

Air Route Traffic Control
In 22 facilities across the U.S., thousands of air traffic controllers actively watch the skies over their assigned sectors. Each Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) is almost a small town in itself. The Operations Room contains 50 to 60 consoles with large computer monitors displaying aircraft data blocks imposed[…] Read this article

Aspen Introduces New E5 Features
Aspen Avionics introduced several new features for its Evolution E5 electronic flight instrument (EFI) on Thursday. New additions to the E5 include a “traditional” horizontal situation indicator (HSI), outside air temperature, true airspeed, wind direction and speed and WAAS GPS mode annunciations. The company says current E5 owners will be[…] Read this article