Volume 27, Number 1c, January 3, 2020
2019 Sees Fewer Fatal Passenger Aircraft Accidents
2019 saw a reduction in fatal aircraft accidents involving large passenger aircraft over the previous year, according to a worldwide […]   Read this article
Unexplained Drone Swarms Alarm Residents In Colorado
Authorities in Colorado and Nebraska continue to investigate reports of unexplained nighttime swarms of drones over eastern Colorado and western […]   Read this article
So Then the Decade Ended
The start of a new year ends an entire decade of aviation progress. Has it been eventful? Judge for yourself. Read this article

Tiltrotor Prototype Makes Milestone Flight
Leonardo Helicopters announced that it successfully completed the first flight of an AW609 tiltrotor prototype “fully representative” of the aircraft’s […] Read this article

Homebuilt Registrations Grew In 2019
With nearly 1200 experimental/amateur-built aircraft newly registered in 2019, the fleet has seen its largest growth in a decade. The […] Read this article

Air Route Traffic Control
In 22 facilities across the U.S., thousands of air traffic controllers actively watch the skies over their assigned sectors. Each […] Read this article

Aspen Introduces New E5 Features
Aspen Avionics introduced several new features for its Evolution E5 electronic flight instrument (EFI) on Thursday. New additions to the […] Read this article

Picture of the Week, January 2, 2020
An evening flight in my Robin DR221 through the Swiss Pre-Alps towards les Diablerets, not far from the Leman lake. Taken 2013 with a Nikon Coolpix P300, without digital improvement. Copyrighted photo by Peter Kupferschmied. Read this article