Volume 28, Number 25a, June 14, 2021
Flight Attendant Scolds Unruly Pax
They’ve been threatened with huge fines, banished from flying on individual airlines and even warned about criminal prosecution but the post-pandemic epidemic of bad behavior by passengers on airliners was evident on a trip to Charlotte last week. Near the end of the ordeal, one of the flight attendants took[…]   Read this article
There’s More To Starting An Airplane Engine Than Luck
Yesterday—a nonsensical dateline since I don’t know when you’ll read this—I encountered the unimaginable. Asked to move a friend’s Nissan Altima (car not an airplane), I pressed the brake and turned the key. I didn’t first check the oil, drain a fuel sample, or yell, “Clear!” as I would in[…]   Read this article
Best Of The Web: Runway Turnback Reconsidered
The horrific crash of a Bonanza A36 in March due to a runway turnback attempt prompted AOPA Air Safety Institute to shoot this excellent video analyzing turnback results with four different types of aircraft. Bottom line: The turnback is viable for smaller, lightly wing-loaded aircraft flown by a proficient and[…] Read this article

Starlink Re-Tools In-Flight Internet
Elon Musk’s Starlink internet system may be the next big thing for in-flight connectivity and it may have eliminated the weak link that bogs down current systems. Starlink has put more than 1,000 small satellites in low Earth orbit as part of its plan to offer fast broadband to all[…] Read this article

Canadian Regulators Urged To Be 'Skeptical' Of FAA Findings
Canadian politicians say its regulators should be “skeptical” of FAA aircraft certifications and do their own validation of new designs. The House of Commons transport committee wants Transport Canada to do its own recertification design changes rather than just accept the FAA’s recommendation. “The committee heard numerous concerns regarding the[…] Read this article

Heavyweights Commit To eVTOL Expansion
A flurry of consolidations and new alliances is giving form to the future eVTOL industry as aviation big guns jump in the mix. On Friday, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic both announced plans to buy billions of dollars’ worth of urban mobility aircraft from U.K.-based Vertical Aerospace. American said it[…] Read this article

Leonardo Delivers First Navy TH-73A Training Helicopter
Leonardo Helicopters delivered the first TH-73A training helicopter to the U.S. Navy during a ceremony at its facility in Philadelphia on Thursday. The TH-73A is expected to replace the Navy’s fleet of TH-57 Sea Ranger trainers, which will be phased out beginning in fiscal year 2022. The Navy has ordered[…] Read this article

New Fighter Pilot's Death Prompt Air Force Training Review
The death of a new Air Force F-16 pilot in a 2020 landing accident at Shaw Air Force Base has prompted major changes in operational flight training. Lt. David Schmitz died when his ejection seat malfunctioned as his Viper slid along the runway on partially collapsed landing gear after he[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, June 11, 2021
Oshkosh: Remember, We Haven’t Done This For Two Years I’ve flown into Oshkosh several times–and flying a turboprop, most of them have been IFR. Even cancelling some distance out and proceeding VFR is not a good option–trying to mix it up with aircraft of far differing speed capabilities–won’t do THAT[…] Read this article