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Volume 29, Number 39e, September 30, 2022
Florida Airports Assess Hurricane Ian Damage (Updated)
As of 6 pm on Thursday (Sept. 29), Florida officials had reported nine deaths directly attributed to Hurricane Ian, widely cited as among the five worst storms in the state’s history. Not unexpectedly, most were on the west coast of[…]   Read this article
Airlines Also Take A Big Hit From The Worst Storm In Decades
Hurricane Ian was not kind to the airline industry’s schedule, as more than 5,000 flights were canceled as a result of the historic storm. According to flight-tracking site FlightAware, airlines canceled 403 flights on Tuesday in advance of the storm,[…]   Read this article
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Why Your Performance Charts Are Wrong
There’s a performance chart for every basic phase of flight. Pilots use them to determine how fast they can fly, for how long and how much runway they’ll use doing it, among other things. The tables, graphs and charts in[…] Read this article

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New Rule Lets Military/Part 135 Pilots Apply More Hours Toward ATP Rating
As of Oct. 21, military and Part 135 (charter) pilots can credit more flight time toward the 1,000 hours of experience required to serve as pilot in command of a Part 121 (airline) flight. An FAA/DOT final rule published on[…] Read this article

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U.S. Air Force Developing New Nav Technology As A GPS Backup
The U.S. Air Force announced this week its Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) at Robins AFB in Georgia is developing “the next generation aircraft navigation system.” In response to concern over GPS jamming by adversaries, the USAF initiated study on[…] Read this article