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Volume 29, Number 34d, August 25, 2022
France Minister Delegate For Transport Wants EU To Ban Bizjets
France’s minister delegate for transport Clément Beaune says he will try to talk his EU counterparts into banning or restricting private business jet use when the politicians get together in October. Beaune said he wants the EU involved so that[…]   Read this article
Midairs: No, They're Not Getting Worse
I don’t know about you, but I long ago gave up on the notion of the perfectibility of homo the sap. At this stage, I’m happy to settle for a modest majority case of veering away from the most lethal[…]   Read this article
Frasca 'Affordable pricing for standard models
The Long, Twisted And Slightly Ridiculous Story Of Avgas (Part 2)
For decades, the general aviation industry has struggled with finding a replacement for leaded avgas without success. The biggest driver of this failure is that there’s no reason to do so because the industry has been given an exemption to[…] Read this article

AVweb 'Classifieds Break out on top
FAA's Romanowski Joins Archer Aviation
Another top-floor FAA exec has joined an eVTOL company and hopes to help shape the way the new aircraft are certified. Mike Romanowski left his post as the FAA certification director of policy and innovation to join Archer Aviation as[…] Read this article

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Buttigieg Signals Passenger Compensation Rules Coming
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is signaling more regulation is coming to address air travel issues, and compensation seems to be a major theme. In a letter to the nine major airlines, Buttigieg first dressed them down for the on-time record[…] Read this article

Loose Cowl Doors Shred On Alaska 737
The networks were buzzing with cellphone video of the loss of the left engine cowling doors on an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900ER departing Seattle earlier this week. The incident was definitely attention getting as the doors flapped in the slipstream[…] Read this article