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Volume 30, Number 1d, January 5, 2023
$10 Million Approved For Unleaded Avgas Evaluation
Congress has approved $10 million for testing and evaluation of unleaded high octane aviation fuels and all sectors currently involved in the effort can qualify for funding. According to AOPA, President Joe Biden signed the bill that funds the executive[…]   Read this article
Bizjet COVID Boom Easing As Newbies Drift Away
The frenetic pace of the business jet market is starting to ease as COVID wanes and threats of a global recession loom. In an essay on the current trends provided to AVweb, market analyst Brian Foley says the COVID-spawned increase[…]   Read this article
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Aircraft Battery Survey
Sister publications KITPLANES, Aviation Consumer and AVweb are conducting a short survey on aircraft batteries for an upcoming battery buyer’s guide. We want to know what kind of aircraft you fly (experimental and certified aircraft) and what brand, model and[…] Read this article

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Washington Renominated For FAA Administrator Post
As expected, President Joe Biden has renewed the nomination of Phil Washington to head up the FAA. The agency has been without an administrator for almost a year and there were no hearings to confirm him in the last Senate.[…] Read this article

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F-117s To Fly Another 10 Years
The officially retired F-117 stealth fighter will fly long into retirement, according to a Request For Information issued by the Air Force and uncovered by msn.com. In the document, the USAF is asking potential contractors to maintain an unspecified number[…] Read this article

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