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Volume 30, Number 8d, February 23, 2023
GA Sales Value Up 6 Percent In 2022
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association says members shipped or made preliminary deliveries worth $26.8 billion in 2022, a 6 percent increase over 2021 revenues. The organization presented its annual State Of The Industry press conference on Feb. 22. All sectors[…]   Read this article
Balloon Images Released, Another One Spotted Near Hawaii
Airline crews flying near Hawaii have been warned to watch for a “large white balloon” last spotted about 500 miles east of the Islands on Monday. The balloon has apparently been seen by several airline crews. “Report of large white[…]   Read this article
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The Amazing Technology Of Pico Balloons
If there was anything good about three or four days of obsessing over unidentified balloons last weekend, it’s that we all learned about a fascinating niche of amateur radio that marries tiny radio transmitters to featherweight hydrogen balloons capable of[…] Read this article

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FedEx Pilots Move Toward Strike
FedEx pilots have moved a step closer to a strike as talks with the corporation have reportedly stalled. The Air Line Pilots Association, which represents the pilots, says the membership unanimously approved a strike authorization vote last week. That’s a[…] Read this article

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Instructor Dies During Flight, Pilot Thought He Was Joking
The U.K.’s Air Accidents Investigations Branch says a flight instructor who died while acting as a safety pilot for another pilot had undetected disqualifying medical conditions. The other pilot thought it was all a joke. The 57-year-old instructor died while[…] Read this article

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