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Volume 30, Number 35c, August 30, 2023
GAMA Announces Across-the-Board Increases In GA Deliveries, Billings
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) released its Second Quarter (Q2) 2023 Shipment and Billing Report, and the results are looking good for the industry. Over the first half of the year, deliveries increased along all segments, with an overall[…]   Read this article
FLYING Media Group Launches Internship Opportunities
The world of aviation is vast, and FLYING Media Group (FMG) is all about diving deep into its many areas. This year, FMG introduces a new set of internship programs, offering hands-on training and exposure for individuals passionate about aviation.[…]   Read this article
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FAA Assigns Boulter To Permanent Safety Position
On Monday (Aug. 28) the FAA announced it was naming David Boulter, currently serving as acting head of aviation safety, to the permanent position of associate administrator for aviation safety. Boulter, a pilot, is a longtime FAA official and “is[…] Read this article

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American Airlines Hit With $4 Million In Fines Over Stranded Passengers
The U.S. Department of Transportation (DoT) has hit American Airlines (AAL) with a $4 million fine for incidents involving keeping passengers waiting in its aircraft for three hours or more. The fine is the highest assessed to a domestic airline[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Destination Direct
Tooling along from Florida to Massachusetts one sunny afternoon, apparently ATC had some sort of computer hiccup. Atlanta Center: “American 123, Atlanta Center; our system is having some problems, can you confirm your route?” American 123: “ABC VOR, XYZ intersection,[…] Read this article