Volume 26, Number 33b
August 21, 2019
GAMA Opens 2020 Aviation Design Challenge
The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) opened registration for next year’s Aviation Design Challenge on Monday. The annual competition, which […]   Read this article
FAA Warns Of AOA Sensor Damage
The FAA published an InFO (Information For Operators) sheet last week detailing its concerns about human damage to angle-of-attack sensors. […]   Read this article
NASA Using 3D Printing To Study Aircraft Icing
NASA has moved to using 3D printing as a data-gathering method for a five-year research project on aircraft icing at […]   Read this article
FAA Concerned (Again) With Cherokee Fuel Selectors
The FAA has published an Airworthiness Concern Sheet for early Piper Cherokee and Arrow aircraft. According to the FAA, the […] Read this article

NTSB To Hold Part 135 Public Roundtable
After a difficult season for Part 135 operators in Alaska, the National Transportation Safety Board is scheduled to hold a […] Read this article

Why This Landing Went Bad
St. Barts, in the eastern Caribbean, is famous for having a short, narrow runway with a tall hill off one end. It's tricky to get into and more than one pilot has come to grief in trying. In this video, AVweb's Paul Bertorelli reviews a landing that went wrong and why. Read this article

Embraer Celebrates 50 Years
Brazil-based aircraft manufacturer Embraer held a ceremony to celebrate its 50th anniversary at the company’s headquarters, in São José dos […] Read this article

It's A Photoshop World
An Airbus in a cornfield? Gotta be a fake, right? Not this time. Still, here's some fun with Photoshop. Read this article

Pitot–Static System Failure
From our earliest days as student pilots, the instructor probably explained how pitot-static instruments work as well as the “plumbing.” […] Read this article

General Aviation Accident Bulletin
AVweb’s General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister publication, Aviation Safety magazine. All the reports […] Read this article