AVweb 'Classifieds POTW January 18 2023'
Volume 30, Number 3c, January 18, 2023
Garmin Wins FAA Nod For GFC 500 Autopilot Trim-Issue Fix
Garmin has received FAA approval for its software update and service bulletin to correct a previously reported possible runaway trim issue with its popular GFC 500 autopilot. In December, the FAA alerted GFC 500 operators who have the optional GSA[…]   Read this article
Air Charter Association To Mark 'Fly Legal Day' On January 21
This Saturday (Jan. 21) marks the fourth anniversary of the 2019 crash of a Piper Malibu in the English Channel, claiming the life of the pilot and Argentinian soccer star Emiliano Sala. The flight from Nantes, France, bound for Cardiff[…]   Read this article
Bose 'Test of time
FAA 'Clarifies' Previous Change Notice On Charting Private Airports
Last week, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) reported that the FAA has apparently walked back from a decision last September to remove references to some private airports on sectional charts. In its Charting Notice, the agency wrote that “Effective November[…] Read this article

Garmin 'Webinar January 18 2023'
AOPA Asks For Further FAA Leverage On Airport Fees and Pricing
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has asked the Department of Transportation (DOT) to expand a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) on transparency in aviation to include FBOs’ fees and pricing. While its “Know Before You Go” program has[…] Read this article

MCICO 'MaxPower
New Rule Allows Voluntary 70-Year-Old Age Limit For Charter/Fractional Pilots
In what has been described as a reasonable compromise, the federal omnibus spending bill passed last month establishes a pathway for large fractional operators and charter providers to set a 70-year-old age limit for their pilots. That compares with the[…] Read this article

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Short Final: Descending Down
Passing through New York’s airspace this summer, we heard the following: New York Approach: “Airliner 123 descend maintain 5000.” Airliner 123: “Descend 5000.” New York Approach two minutes later: “Airliner 123 descend maintain 5000, you appear to be climbing.” Airliner[…] Read this article