Volume 26, Number 28c
July 19, 2019
Garmin Adds IFR-Approved GPS/COMM
Garmin has filled out its lineup of modern panel-mount, IFR-approved GPS units with the GNC 355, which combines an approach-capable […]   Read this article
Garmin Updates G5 And G3X Touch
Garmin has added features to the G5 and G3X Touch EFISs ahead of next week’s Oshkosh. New configurations of the […]   Read this article
uAvionix Developing Diversity ADS-B Device
Following the concept of the skyBeacon, uAvionix is developing another wingtip-mounted ADS-B Out solution featuring antenna diversity. Called the skyBeacon […]   Read this article
FAA Clarifies ADS-B Preflights: GA Is Exempt
The FAA will issue a Notam on Thursday that will essentially exempt general aviation aircraft operators from an ADS-B preflight […] Read this article

Garmin Introduces New USB Charger
With the proliferation of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) and the undeniable need to keep your phone ready for your arrival, […] Read this article

Boeing and Southwest Sued For “Collusive Relationship”
If Boeing’s troubles haven’t already peaked with the 737 MAX’s return to service possibly drifting early next year, a civil […] Read this article

Textron Suspends Citation Hemisphere
As Textron Aviation released its second-quarter results today, CEO Scott Donnelly announced that the Citation Hemisphere program has been put […] Read this article

Aviation: A Post-Retirement Career?
The second time I received a postcard showing a photo of a smiling gentleman of “senior” age seated in the […] Read this article

Apollo 11: Where I Was, What I Thought
Everyone has a different memory of July 20, 1969. Our readers tell us what they thought when man first set foot on the Moon. Read this article

Phillip Sheppard: The Launch
Music has never been married to machinery more majestically than in Phillip Sheppard’s The Launch. The composition was written for […] Read this article

General Aviation Accident Bulletin
AVweb’s General Aviation Accident Bulletin is taken from the pages of our sister publication,Aviation Safety magazine. All the reports listed […] Read this article