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Volume 29, Number 22e, June 3, 2022
German Heavy-Lift Helicopter Program Selects Chinook
The German government has chosen Boeing’s CH-47F Chinook for its Schwerer Transporthubschrauber (STH) heavy-lift helicopter program. Germany is expected to purchase up to 60 Chinooks to replace its aging Sikorsky CH-53G helicopter fleet in a deal valued at around €4[…]   Read this article
Me And The A-10
All these stories about the Airplane that Won’t Die, otherwise known as the A-10, always remind me of missed opportunities or perhaps of an underdeveloped sense of curiosity. When I started my journalism career all those years ago, the aviation[…]   Read this article
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uAvionix Announces Remote Magnetometer
Since the beginning, the uAvionix AV-30 mini EFIS has had an internal magnetometer—the device used to sense magnetic north and help create a heading reference—but now the company has introduced a remote magnetometer. Previous to this, the AV-30 still required the pilot to[…] Read this article

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VHF Radio Upgrades: Trig, Garmin Top Picks
It used to be easy. Slap in a couple of King KX155 navcomm radios and you’re good to go for VFR, IFR and everything in between. These days, the buying decision is muddied by WAAS GPS, the concerns of signal[…] Read this article

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Aerox Acquires Sky-Ox
O2 Aero Acquisitions and Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems announced on Tuesday that Aerox has acquired fellow aviation oxygen systems company Sky-Ox. According to Aerox, the current Sky-Ox facility will be relocated to its headquarters in Bonita Springs, Florida. Aerox says[…] Read this article

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Gulfstream To Expand Appleton Facility
Gulfstream Aerospace has announced plans to invest more than $55 million to expand operations at its location in Appleton, Wisconsin. The company is building a 73,000-square-foot paint facility at Appleton with the goal of beginning operations in the third quarter[…] Read this article