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Volume 30, Number 4d, January 26, 2023
House Passes NOTAM Task Force Bill
If there’s something just about everyone in House of Representatives can agree on, it’s preventing a computer glitch from shutting down the air transportation system. The House voted 424-4 to pass the NOTAM Improvement Act, which would create a task[…]   Read this article
Return Civility To Civil Twilight
The 19th Century poet Herman Wordless Longfellow once tweeted, “Between the dark and the daylight comes a pause in the day’s occupations that’s known as the pilots’ hour.” His cousin, Henry, ripped it off, changing “pilots’” to “children’s” and made[…]   Read this article
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Drone Collision Report Issued
In the heat of the chase for an armed suspect, the operator of a Canadian police surveillance drone didn’t tell air traffic control (as required) they were operating near a busy airport in Toronto. The drone collided with a Cessna[…] Read this article

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Alleged Serial Laser Pointer Arrested
The FBI was involved in the arrest of Long Beach, California, man accused of repeatedly pointing a laser at numerous aircraft over the past year. The feds and Long Beach Police detectives claim they caught Mark Allan Barger shining his[…] Read this article

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First Class Graduates From United Flight School
United Airlines has graduated its first class of new pilots from its Aviate Academy in Arizona. The first class of 51 new pilots, 80 percent of them women or people of color, got their wings earlier this week. United wants[…] Read this article

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