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Suicidal Ramp Worker Crashes Q400 (Updated, Corrected) »

A Horizon Air Q400 crashed on Ketron Island near Seattle-Tacoma Airport in Washington State after 29-year-old ramp worker Rich Russell was able to take it off from the busy international airport. More

Short Final: Top Or Bottom »

I was flying near Salinas, California, when the Goodyear blimp was passing over the airport. Tower advised an inbound aircraft of the blimp in the area. More

Top Letters And Comments, August 10, 2018 »

This week's letters brought comments from readers about hand propping, Icon's new fractional program, an alleged assassination attempt by drone, and AirVenture. More

Zephyr Breaks Endurance Record »

Airbus Defense and Space has announced the successful landing of its first production Zephyr S High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) after a record-breaking 25 days, 23 hours and 57 minutes aloft. It was launched on July 11. More

Caltech Develops Bird-Herding Drone Tech »

Engineers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed a new control algorithm that they say will allow a drone to autonomously herd flocks of birds away from an airport. According to the university, the project was inspired by the encounter with a flock of geese that resulted in US Airways Flight 1549 being forced to land in the Hudson River. More