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FAA Airlifts Temporary Tower To St. Thomas »

With the tower at Cyril E. King International Airport in St. Thomas severely damaged by Hurricane Irma, controllers had been left to do their jobs from a tent on the airfield for several days. On Wednesday morning, the FAA activated a mobile control tower that had been flown in on a U.S. Air Force C-17 from Boise, Idaho. The FAA is flying personnel in from San Juan, Puerto Rico, each day to keep the facility staffed with fresh controllers. More

Britain's May Enters Boeing-Bombardier Fray »

British Prime Minister Theresa May has appealed directly to U.S. President Donald Trump to intervene in a dispute between Canadian aircraft maker Bombardier and Boeing. Boeing thinks Canadian government subsidies allowed Bombardier to cut an especially sweet deal with Delta for 75 of its new CSeries airliners and lodged a dumping complaint with the U.S. Commerce Department. More

Sebring, Lakeland Airports Clean Up »

Airports throughout Florida are reporting varying degrees of damage from Hurricane Irma and the two most familiar to pilots outside the state are cleaning up. Reports out of Sebring Airport are sketchy but it appears the site of the Sport Aviation Expo took a big hit. More

Area 51 Crash Plane A Flanker? »

Speculation about the mysterious fatal crash of an aircraft near the secret military test center known as Area 51 in Nevada earlier this month took a sharp left turn this week with several pundits suggesting the aircraft wasn’t American at all. More

Seattle Avionics Announces Low-Cost Merlin ADS-B Receiver »

In a market flooded with higher-end ADS-B receivers, navigation app developer Seattle Avionics announced today the $250 Merlin portable ADS-B device. It's a full-featured ADS-B In receiver (it doesn't have ADS-B Out for mandate compliance) with built-in WAAS GPS, AHRS and dual-channel traffic and weather reception. More