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BendixKing Intros Flight Deck For Experimentals »

The first major product aimed at kit-built experimental aircraft, BendixKing's XVue Touch integrated avionics system has a high-resolution display, synthetic vision and third-party GPS navigator compatibility. More

Sun ‘n Fun’s Boeing 727 Used For More than Just Tours »

The fully functioning Boeing 727 parked on Sun ‘n Fun’s Lakeland campus serves not only as a classroom, conference center and museum exhibit, but also as a safe environment to help individuals with disabilities familiarize themselves with the airline environment before travelling. More

Electric Trainers Arrive In California »

Four electric-powered Pipistrel Alpha Electro aircraft have arrived in southern California, ready to be put into service as trainers, but the regulatory structure for that to happen is not yet in place. “We are flying all four aircraft and are currently focused on working to understand how to successfully tailor a flight training program to the aircraft,” Joseph Oldham, technical advisor to the Sustainable Aviation Project, told AVweb this week. More

AmSafe Introduces New Seatbelt Airbag Kit »

AmSafe has introduced a new universally applicable seatbelt airbag kit for normal category Part 23 aircraft. In a podcast with AVweb, AmSafe Technical Support Manager James Crupi said they hope to have FAA approval for the product, which they’re calling the State of the Art Restraint System (SOARS) by May 2018. More

New Flight College Inks Deal With Tecnam »

Young aspiring airline pilots have a new option for earning a degree while moving right into the regional airlines through the newly formed International School of Aerospace, which has selected the Tecnam P2008 as the primary training aircraft. More