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Volume 29, Number 44c, November 2, 2022
FAA Issues 'Concern Sheet' On Continental IO-500-Series Engines
The FAA has issued an Airworthiness Concern Sheet (ACS) following up on a 2020 Airworthiness Directive (AD 2020-16-11) on Continental IO-500-series engines. The Oct. 25 ACS seeks input from operators on their experience with the effectiveness of compliance with the[…]   Read this article
Runway Incursion/Overruns Remain On Canada's TSB 'Watchlist'
Like the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) posts an annual “Watchlist” spotlighting its top concerns. This year’s list, its 12th annual offering, cites runway incursions and overruns among eight overall safety shortcomings that “require[…]   Read this article
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'Interval Management' Technology Set To Make Its Real-World Introduction
Real-world operational trials of so-called Interval Management (IM) procedures are set to begin with flights into and out of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). The FAA has partnered with American Airlines over the past few years to certify and[…] Read this article

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Pipistrel Delivers First Velis Electro To A Canadian Customer
Pipistrel Aircraft, now a division of Textron Aviation, has delivered its first all-electric Velis Electro aircraft to Canada. The two-place high-wing went to the Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Aeronautics (WISA) at the University of Waterloo. The institute’s partner, Waterloo Wellington[…] Read this article

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Fatal 1948 Accident Traced To Erroneous UFO Sighting Report
As recalled in a story posted on military.com, one of the first American military pilots to respond to a UFO report lost his life while at the controls of his F-51 Mustang piston fighter (changed from P-51 to F-51 after[…] Read this article

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Short Final: U.S. Army Ale Force
As the World War II story goes … at an advance American fighter base during the North African offensive, mechanics fixed up a left-behind medium bomber, which took on the role of squadron “hack,” including one regular mission that was[…] Read this article