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Volume 30, Number 41b, October 10, 2023
Protesting Pilots A Factor In Israeli Readiness?
It’s not clear how the Israeli Air Force’s readiness in the face of Saturday’s attack by Hamas was affected by a months-long boycott of flying by some of its most experienced pilots. It’s also not clear if any of the[…]   Read this article
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What Would You Do If You Had No Fear?
Don’t take counsel of your fears, goes the phrase, variously described as of religious or military origin. Its meaning is don’t be captive of that which frightens you and it is, if nothing else, a double-bladed axe. Fear can be[…] Read this article

JP Instruments 'Balanced approach
JetEXE Buys Lancair, Plans Sustainable Designs
JetEXE Aviation has bought Lancair International and has big plans for the historic kitplane company. The Sacramento-based MRO, training and charter business’s owner says that for now the focus will be on keeping up support for the existing fleet, but[…] Read this article

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Marines Fly AI-Controlled, Expendable Drone
The Marine Corps flew its first XQ-58A Valkyrie combat drone earlier this week and it flew “as expected,” according to a spokesman. The “highly autonomous” Valkyrie is controlled by artificial intelligence and needs little input from humans. It’s also relatively[…] Read this article

Dog Charter Draws Fire From Environmentalists
With the accompanying howls of protest from environmental groups, U.K. charter company K9 Jets announced the addition of service between Dubai and Farnborough exclusively for dogs and their supervising human. For about $10,000, a customer sits in comfort sipping champagne[…] Read this article