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Volume 29, Number 18d, May 5, 2022
Jet A More Expensive Than Avgas
For the first time in recent memory, the price of Jet A was higher than that of 100LL in April in some areas, in a huge spike in prices that has been building over the last couple of months. “This[…]   Read this article
Social Media And Stupid Pilot Tricks
And so another Sunday morning in a week bookended by whipsawing from skydivers smashing a hapless pilotless 182 to a popular YouTuber getting busted for low flying. On the one hand, it’s fearless feds protecting the public, on the other,[…]   Read this article
Bose 'A20 Flying is your passion
Best Of The Web: Hurling Satellites Into Space
SpaceX has brought down the price of delivering payloads to low earth orbit to under $3000 per kg, but even a small satellite still costs over $1 million. A company called SpinLaunch proposes to lower costs further by flinging the[…] Read this article

Gogoair 'Inflight wifi isn't just for passengers
Pilotless Plane Crashes Into House
Canadian authorities are investigating after a Citabria with no pilot on board crashed into a house under construction in the southern Alberta city of Medicine Hat. Global News spoke with Jenman Luk, the owner of the house, who said the[…] Read this article

IFR 'The only magazine that speaks your language Wed
E175 Loses Winglet In Turbulence
An Embraer E175 regional jet lost its right winglet in turbulence Tuesday and the crew had to divert. “American Airlines flight 3729 from Charleston (CHS) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), an Embraer E175 operated by Envoy, diverted to Birmingham (BHM) after[…] Read this article

Former Transport Secretary Mineta Remembered
Norman Mineta, one the most influential transportation secretaries to hold the office, was remembered as a tireless public servant and decisive leader following his death this week at the age of 90. Mineta was in the big chair on the[…] Read this article