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Volume 29, Number 45d, November 10, 2022
FAA Publishes Airworthiness Standards For Joby
The FAA has published airworthiness criteria for the Joby eVTOL aircraft, making it likely to be the first to be certified. The agency put the proposed “Special Class Airworthiness Criteria” rule in the Federal Register and opened it up for[…]   Read this article
TEDx: Erik Lindbergh On Decarbonizing Aviation
The Lindbergh Foundation was founded in 1977 by Neil Armstrong, Jimmy Doolittle and other aviation interests who followed the work of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh to carry on work the couple initiated in environmental causes. Today, the foundation is[…]   Read this article
Whelen 'G3 Bright Decision
John Raymond Barcus: A Destiny in Aviation
“I bombed Rome!” the gravelly voice called from a table near the Eagles Club bar. I don’t think my friend, John, appreciated his volume and thought he was whispering to a tablemate. Decades around airplane engines will do that to[…] Read this article

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New Jersey Pilot Completes Fourth Circumnavigation
A New Jersey pilot landed his beloved Cessna 210 at his base of Central Jersey Regional Airport in Hillsborough on Nov. 4 after finishing his fourth circumnavigation. Ed Galkin, 86, took off in mid-September and had planned to be back[…] Read this article

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Maintenance-Caused Cracks Ground Hercs
The Air Force has grounded 116 C-130Hs, more than 20 percent of the fleet, after it was determined that inscriptions scratched in the propellers documenting inspections for cracks actually caused cracks. “The process used to engrave serial numbers on the[…] Read this article

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$500 Million To Rebuild An-225
Ukraine aircraft manufacturer Antonov says it will likely cost about $500 million to return the An-225 to the skies. The only flying version of the cargo plane was destroyed during fighting in the early days of the Russian invasion. The[…] Read this article