Volume 26, Number 24a
June 10, 2019
MAX Layoffs At Iceland Air
Iceland Air has dismissed 45 Boeing 737 MAX pilots as it settles into what appears to be an extended grounding of the type. The pilots are all newcomers to the airline. About half were hired last fall to fly the first deliveries of the aircraft and the others were training[…]   Read this article
Air Tour Risk: We Can't Make It Go Away
The rise of the regional jet has displaced twin turboprops in the short-haul airline market and that, in turn, has relegated a certain term to the dustbin of dead words: puddle jumper. Remember it? Nervous passengers applied it to the unfairly maligned Beech 99 or Embraer Bandeirante poised on the[…]   Read this article
Video: Dynon HDX Install In A Skyhawk
Dynon Avionics has an STC for installing the Certified SkyView HDX in Cessna 172 Skyhawks (and also for some Beech Bonanza models), which in the end makes for an all-electric, all-glass ultra-modern avionics suite. To see what it really takes to make the transformation, Aviation Consumer magazine Editor Larry Anglisano[…]   Read this article
Tamarack Files For Bankruptcy Following Winglet AD
Tamarack Aerospace Group has filed for bankruptcy in the wake of an AD that grounded Cessna Citations equipped with its active winglet modification. The company said it will continue to operate in support of the winglet program, but that the Chapter 11 decision was a direct result of the AD.[…]   Read this article
ADS-B Issues Affect CRJs
Regional airline schedules were disrupted late Saturday and into Sunday by ADS-B and GPS issues that seemed to affect mainly Bombardier CRJ aircraft. According to various sources, the disruption briefly grounded entire fleets of regional jets and the resulting delays and cancellations rippled through the system. A random selection of[…] Read this article

Mystery Plane In Taxi Tests
An unusual teardrop-shaped aircraft with a pusher prop has been undergoing taxi tests at California Logistics Airport near Victorville, California, leading to speculation the Celera 500L is ready for its first flight. The plane has been under secret development for about a decade and is said to be an “extremely[…] Read this article

After 50 Years, Snoopy May Be Found
Snoopy may have been found and Elon Musk has been challenged to go and positively identify the long-lost lunar lander. Nick Howes, a fellow at Britain’s Royal Astronomical Society, said he and his colleagues believe they found the Apollo 10 moon lander that served as rehearsal platform for the successful[…] Read this article

Microsoft Revives Flight Simulator
After a 13-year hiatus, Microsoft has unveiled a new version of Flight Simulator at its annual E3 conference. It will be released in 2020.  It’s part of a new gaming system for Xbox that will stream games in the console or on PCs. Participants buy subscriptions for access to the[…] Read this article