Volume 27, Number 32b, August 5, 2020
Textron Aviation Introduces King Air 360
The venerable and venerated King Air turboprop is getting a mild but noticeable makeover with the 360 and 360ER versions […]   Read this article
Airlines Develop A Spine On Mask Enforcement
Everybody hates masks, including airline passengers. But airlines, or at least Delta, seem determined to enforce the policy nonetheless.   Read this article
737 MAX: FAA Prelim Summary Released, NPRM Imminent
The latest chapter in the Boeing 737 MAX saga debuted today, with the FAA releasing a “preliminary summary” of its […] Read this article

Virgin Galactic Unveils Supersonic Jet Concept
Virgin Galactic and its subsidiary, The Spaceship Company, introduced a new supersonic jet design concept on Monday aimed at the […] Read this article

Three Balloon Crashes Cause Multiple Injuries
In a bizarre series of crashes that may have been caused by unforecast winds, multiple passengers were injured in the […] Read this article

Garmin's New aera 760 Portable GPS
Garmin’s aera 760 is the latest in a long line of portable navigators and picks up where the previous aera […] Read this article

Aspen To Join AIRO Group
Aspen Avionics announced on Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement to become a member of the AIRO Group. […] Read this article

Cirrus Debuts VisionAir Service
Cirrus has rolled out a “turnkey” service called VisionAir, which intends to help owners manage maintenance and pilot services for […] Read this article

Virgin Atlantic Files For Bankruptcy
Virgin Atlantic became another victim of COVID-19’s rampage through air travel, as it filed for bankruptcy protection today. Virgin, based […] Read this article

Autoland Certified On TBM 940
Garmin’s emergency Autoland system has received EASA and FAA certification in Daher’s TBM 940 single-engine turboprop. According to Garmin, the […] Read this article

Short Final: Hood Up
In the early 1970s, I was a captain in the Kansas Army National Guard flying a CH‑54 Sky Crane helicopter […] Read this article

Accident Probe: No Idea What’s Going On
No matter how successful we are in life, there’s always someone with a bigger house, a newer car and a […] Read this article