It's AirVenture!

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Watch For AVweb's Special Coverage

The best of the best and the just plain bizarre will this week shed all semblance of humility to usher in the next generation of aircraft, avionics, and aviation hopefuls. There is perhaps no other event in the aviation world so full of products and promise(s) for general aviation as AirVenture Oshkosh. The market (that's you) will decide what stays and what goes and AVweb plans to bring you -- the ultimate judge -- all the facts, the flops and the fantasies.

Special Coverage Breakdown: Just for AirVenture, AVweb will be offering...

  • A Special Preview, highlighting the great companies and products at Oshkosh that ultimately bring AVflash to your inbox twice each week, 52 weeks per year, free

  • A special Wednesday AVflash (replacing our normal midweek coverage)

  • A special Friday AVflash

  • STREAMING VIDEO coverage of major events and personalities at Oshkosh brought you in conjunction with our AirVenture partner,