GA Pushes Into China

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News Regs Open The Doors To GA...

The biggest consumer market in the world is opening to GA. Premier Zhu Rongji and Central Military Commission Chairman Jiang Zemin recently signed a decree regulating the country's general aviation industry. The new "Regulation for Flight Control of General Aviation" will reportedly help China make better use of its airspace, ensure aviation safety and allow for the smooth development of the country's general aviation activities. So, what does this mean for those interested in developing GA in a country with more than a billion people, an exploding economy and just 400 GA aircraft? Money and possibly lots of it, as manufacturers, training institutions and other companies will be given access to the huge potential market.

...As The GA Fleet Grows

Some companies are already taking advantage of the opening doors in China. On Friday, Cessna announced the sale of a T206 Turbo Stationair to Beijing Sport Aviation School. The airplane will be headquartered in Beijing and is the first Turbo Stationair in China. A&P Light Aircraft Service Co. (China) Ltd., which helped seal the deal with Cessna, is a joint venture found by Anyang Aviation Sports School and PTE, another Beijing–based authorized Cessna single-engine sales representative and Cessna service station. And, as we mentioned, there's plenty of room for more. GA accounts for about 70 percent of aircraft worldwide but China's 400 GA aircraft make up only .2 percent of those in use. China has announced several new businesses debuting within recent weeks, and there's also a new flight-training initiative within the country.