Innodyn (Still) Promising GA's Turbine

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Await The Revolution?

A small company from Osceola Mills, PA, Innodyn, Inc intends to prove its line of 165, 185, 205 and 255 hp, less-than-$35,000 turbines will soon run in customers' aircraft (at 60,000 rpm) and eventually well past their 5,000-hour projected TBO. According to the company, the 188 pound turbine spins an MT or NSI electric prop at closer to 2750 rpm through a 12-part planetary gear reduction while burning roughly seven gallons (of almost anything combustible) per hundred horsepower per hour. We were hoping to see (read: told to expect) first deliveries this past February, but Innodyn, Inc. instead brought four "production" model turbines to Sun 'n Fun ... albeit, free of airframes (look again for those -- attached to airframes -- at OSH). For optimists: the company has been making progress, granted more slowly than advertised, but it seems they're doing the work. For pessimists: you don't have to invest.

According to the company, its constant rpm engines run with a patented fuel control system and one lever (pitch) control. The engine's computer control system adjusts power to maintain 2750 rpm with whatever pitch the pilot selects. The engine has flown in an RV-4 and is now flying in an RV-6, a helicopter and a SuperCub, but a production model has yet to show its mettle in a very public and very accessible way. Innodyn is currently taking orders and believes it could produce more than 20 turbines per month, but don't expect that just yet. Over the next few months, Innodyn plans to move its main office and will work to establish firewall forward kits (that will likely weigh in close to $7,000). Yes, there are some important blanks yet to be filled. Expect things to move slowly. Expect us to follow closely.