ADIZ-Incursion Pilots Issue Statement

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The Following Is A Press Release And Was Not Written By AVweb Staff


AVweb, over the weekend became aware of a Yahoo web page supporting a "press release" from Hayden ''Jim'' Sheaffer and Troy D. Martin, issued Friday regarding their May 11, 2005 breach of restricted airspace in the nation's capital. The statement begins:

"We are mere private citizens from a small Pennsylvania town who have found ourselves thrust into the national spotlight after an unplanned and unintentional brush with local, state and federal authorities, during what was meant to be an uneventful flight from Lancaster to Lumberton, North Carolina. In an effort to help everyone understand what happened during this incident, the following is a recounting of those events associated with our flight on Wednesday, May 11, 2005..."

The entire content of the release has been removed from AVweb's site, but is available online, here.