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Volume 30, Number 12a, March 20, 2023
FAA Looking At Extending Voice Recording Duration To 25 Hours
The first concrete result of a high-profile “safety summit” held by the FAA last week may be extending the recording time of cockpit voice recorders to 25 hours. CVRs now operate on a mandated two-hour loop, and many of the[…]   Read this article
My Cousin Louie
For most of us, history is kind of a remote thing corralled into books or shallow films. Interesting, maybe, but too distant to rise to the definition of firsthand relevance. So I’m lucky to have, by sheer happenstance, clapped eyes[…]   Read this article
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Drone Deliveries Saving Lives in Rwanda
We’ve spilled lots of pixels on the coming age of drone deliveries, but in the U.S., it’s hardly a well-developed concept. Airspace and regulatory burdens still stymy progress. But not in Rwanda. A company called Zipline has been remarkably successful[…] Read this article


2007 Cessna 400 SLX N400RR ...

2007 Cessna 400 SLX. 1280 TT Air, TKS, TAS, TAWS-B, ADS-B Out, G1000, GFC700. Trade In’s Welcome! Call for Details!Equipment:Climate Control (D...

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Balloonists Get Break On ADS-B
The FAA and the lighter-than-air industry have reached a longer-lasting agreement on ADS-B equipage and controlled airspace operations. Going forward, balloon operators who want to operate in Class C airspace can sign a letter of agreement with the FAA that[…] Read this article

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Boeing Claims MAX Victims Didn't Suffer Any Pain
Boeing lawyers say the company shouldn’t have to pay for the pain suffered by victims of two 737 MAX crashes because they couldn’t possibly have felt any pain. The Wall Street Journal is reporting Boeing’s legal team says the law[…] Read this article

Russia Gives Awards To Pilots Who Downed Drone, Vows To Continue
Aljazeera is reporting that the Russian pilots involved in the downing of a U.S. Reaper surveillance drone have been given awards and suggests that means it’s open season on the aircraft operating near Ukraine. “The drone flew with its transponders[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, March 17, 2023
Short Final: I’ll Call You Back Reminds me of a flight out of Anchorage to Palmer VFR. Palmer is on the other side of the USAF base and not far in a fast airplane. I had arrived IFR and this[…] Read this article