Volume 28, Number 24a, June 7, 2021
Upside Down Trim Tabs Cited In Fatal Navajo Crash
The NTSB says improperly installed trim tabs were a factor in the crash of a Piper Navajo in Myrtle Beach last May 21. A preliminary report (ERA21FA224) issued this week said investigators found the trim tabs were installed upside down and backward during an annual inspection completed two days before[…]   Read this article
Oshkosh: Remember, We Haven’t Done This For Two Years (Updated)
I was doing some research for a coming editorial project on runway separation when I thought to look into the history of runway accidents at Oshkosh during AirVenture. I figured this would be rich pickings because for those few glorious days in July, the Oshkosh tower is the busiest on[…]   Read this article
Video: Control Towers Don't Do What You Think They Do
Pilots deal with control towers all the time and most think they know what the tower is supposed to do, but … probably not. In this video, AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli explains what air traffic control towers are actually supposed to do. And it isn’t to keep airplanes from colliding in[…] Read this article

NTSB Investigating Drone Pilot Injury
The NTSB says the pilot of a DJI Matrice drone suffered a serious hand injury after tangling with the uncooperative aircraft near Young Harris, Georgia, on May 6. According to a preliminary report (search CEN21LA224), the pilot was demonstrating the drone to a prospective customer but the aircraft wouldn’t respond[…] Read this article

United Offers Flight Crews Vaccination Bonuses
United Airlines is trying the carrot rather than the stick to convince its flight crews to get  vaccinated against COVID-19 sooner rather than later according to CNBC. Late last month, the company  offered pilots up to 13 hours of pay to roll up their sleeves. The first deadline was June[…] Read this article

Deal Close For Atlantic Aviation, Gates Increases Signature Stake
A deal is in the works for the U.S.’s second largest FBO chain. Yahoo Finance says McQuarie Infrastructure, which owns Atlantic Aviation, is close to a deal with KKR and Co., a New York-based investment company. The sale price is reported to be about $4.5 billion. Neither company would comment[…] Read this article

Funding Allocated For Supersonic Air Force One Research
The Air Force has said it’s looking at building a supersonic Air Force One and now it’s been revealed that the initiative will come at the expense of the current fleet of “Air Force Two” aircraft. The Air Force is redirecting funds that would go toward replacing its fleet of[…] Read this article

Bell AH-1Z/UH-1Y Fleet Passes 400,000 Flight Hour Milestone
Bell Textron announced on Thursday that the fleet of AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom attack and utility helicopters has passed the 400,000-flight-hour mark. The aircraft, which have been deployed for military operations since 2010, are the result of an upgrade program for H-1 helicopters launched by the U.S. Marine Corps[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, June 4, 2021
Keep Up The Good Fight Great article, Tarrance. I flew 35 years for American/USAirways and 17 years with Navy Reserves. The controllers always helped me, if I explained to them what I needed. Once I was in a holding pattern with about 7 company planes ahead of me and was[…] Read this article