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Volume 29, Number 40d, October 6, 2022
Pilots Union Opposes MAX 10, 7 Certification Extension
The Allied Pilots Association is opposing Congressional moves to allow Boeing to duck an upgrade to the crew alerting system in two models of the 737 MAX that have yet to be certified. According to Reuters, the union, which represents[…]   Read this article
Hurricane Ian And The Immortal Cub (Revised)
Getting out of the way of a dangerous hurricane seems like a no-brainer, but it can be a nuanced, nerve-racking decision tree. As Ian bore down on the west coast of Florida Tuesday, it proved simpler for me than in[…]   Read this article
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What Fast Moving Storm Surge Looks Like
As with real estate, with hurricanes and airports, location is everything. This security camera footage from Ft. Myers, Florida, during Hurricane Ian on Sept. 28 obtained by CNBC dramatically shows how fast storm surge can inundate normally dry land. Ft.[…] Read this article

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Last 747 Is Off The Line
The last Boeing 747 has rolled off the assembly line and is now being readied for service with cargo carrier Atlas Air. The 747-8F freighter was completed to the green stage on Oct. 4, but no formal announcement was made.[…] Read this article

Electric Ground-Effect 'Seaglider' In Flight Tests
A different sort of electric aircraft has been quietly undergoing flight tests—and sea trials—for a month and the company behind what it calls the seaglider is convinced it’s the future for regional flights in coastal areas. REGENT’s proof-of-concept ground effect[…] Read this article

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Whitest Paint Could Cool Airplanes, Spacecraft
Researchers at Purdue University have created the world’s whitest paint that’s suitable for aircraft and other vehicles. Other than the aesthetic virtues of such a development, the paint could also help aircraft and spacecraft keep their cool, reducing the need[…] Read this article