Volume 28, Number 26a, June 21, 2021
Little Fanfare For First MAX 10 Flight
The biggest Baby Boeing ever built took off from Renton Municipal Airport on Friday. The 230-seat 737 MAX 10 took off on a 2.5-hour first flight Friday morning with little fanfare. Boeing normally invites hundreds of media and aviation dignitaries to such occasions and issues elaborate press releases but there[…]   Read this article
VFR Towers Part Deux: Even Controllers Don't Agree
I sometimes like to affect a look of wide-eyed, engaged curiosity to hide my usual jaded seen-it-all worldliness so as not to appear too enthusiastic. I could probably work that sentence a little more but I’m sure you get the gist. But even I will admit to some surprise at[…]   Read this article
Second Look: Why Light Sport Aircraft Suffer So Many Crashes
Light sport airplanes were supposed to be a cheaper alternative to certified aircraft and they are. But in this republication of AVweb’s analysis of the accident record of these airplanes, the data confirms what many skeptics worried about: They suffer more crashes than standard category aircraft. This video explains why. Read this article

Poll: Poll: Do You Think Pilots Today Are Better Trained?
Pilots being trained today have more resources, technology and oversight than ever. But are we making better pilots as a result? This week’s poll asks this very question. Tell us what you think. Read this article

NBAA Plans For In-Person Convention
Alongside other major aviation events, the annual National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) is returning to an in-person format this year. Scheduled for Oct. 12-14, 2021, the show will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. As previously reported by[…] Read this article

Utah Owners Fight Ogden Airport Shakeup
A group of Ogden, Utah, private aircraft owners is taking the city to court over what it claims is an attempt to take over their hangars without paying for them. According to the Standard-Examiner, the Ogden Regional Airport Association claims a city policy change last April over lease agreements at[…] Read this article

Alaska Carrier Going Electric
An Alaskan airline says its rebirth will involve embracing electric short takeoff and landing aircraft to serve the far-flung communities of the rugged state. Ravn Alaska has been flying for 70 years and has flown dozens of different aircraft types over the years, most recently Dash-8s. It serves more than 100[…] Read this article

Manned Drone Racing Around The Corner
The first crew-capable eVTOL racing aircraft has flown and its developer says things will move quickly from here toward an organized race series. The Alauda Aeronautics EXA Mk3 took off from an undisclosed location in the deserts of Southern Australia with reps from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. The EXA[…] Read this article

FAA Defends SpaceX To Congress
SpaceX has found a perhaps unexpected ally in its quest to democratize space—the FAA, according to CNBC. FAA associate administrator for commercial space operations Wayne Monteith launched a spirited defense of the company he had criticized a few months before in front of a congressional committee last week. The House[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, June 18, 2021
Buying 200 Knots For $200,000 It’s always interesting, as you said, to listen to pilots who pine for more speed. When you ask them what their normal flight mission is, most say that they usually fly about 2-3 hour legs – mostly due to the need for comfort breaks, or[…] Read this article