Volume 26, Number 31a
August 5, 2019
Boeing Redesigning Max Control System
Boeing is fundamentally redesigning the software architecture of the 737 MAX flight control system to take data from both of […]   Read this article
I Hereby Withdraw The Previous Blog (Unequivocally)
And while I'm at at it, does anyone know how to turn the clock back to July 20th? I need a reset here.    Read this article
Flying That's All Brother To Normandy: What It Was Like
In June 2019, 15 C-47s and DC-3s flew across the North Atlantic to commemorate the 75h anniversary of the D-Day invasion. But flying the Atlantic in a 75-year-old plus airplane isn't like a cross country for the $50 hamburger. In this AVweb video, D-Day Squadron's Doug Rozendaal tells AVweb's Paul Bertorelli what it took to fly to France and back. And how an engine problem grounded the airplane at Oshkosh.   Read this article
Hoverboard Crosses English Channel
After a 22-minute flight into the history books, Franky Zapata says he needs a break. The colorful Frenchman crossed the […] Read this article

Flight Recorder Documents Hypoxia-Related Crash
Canadian authorities appear to have a well-documented and recorded case of hypoxia in their investigation of the stall/spin fatal accident […] Read this article

Russians Pursue Stealth Bomber
As a new arms race looms between the world’s superpowers, Russia has upped the ante with the announcement of a […] Read this article

United Flight Deck Crew Facing Impaired Charges
A United Airlines captain and his first officer are in jail in Scotland awaiting a court appearance Tuesday on charges […] Read this article

Icon Reduces Workforce, Cuts Production
Stung by the trade war with China that’s dried up investment capital, light sport manufacturer Icon said Friday that it’s […] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, August 2, 2019
This week's letters brought comments from readers about the Boeing 737 MAX, hacking risks associated with GA aircraft, the Electrolite electric ultralight and interesting aircraft at AirVenture. Read this article

Industry Round-up, August 2, 2019
AVweb’s weekly news roundup uncovered reports on a new career pathway partnership for helicopter students, a $10,000 award for aircraft […] Read this article

Short Final: Passenger Guidelines
The long list of passenger guidelines in GA from the May OTA brought two things to mind: 1. Never let […] Read this article

AirFleet Capital Celebrates 25th Anniversary
AirFleet Capital is proud to announce their 25th anniversary of providing financing for aircraft, including single engine pistons, turboprops, helicopters and jets. Read this article