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Volume 30, Number 43a, October 23, 2023
McSpadden Cardinal Crashed 440 Feet Short Of Runway
The NTSB says the Cessna 177RG carrying AOPA Safety Institute head Richard McSpadden crashed about 440 feet short of Lake Placid’s Runway 14 in a failed attempt to return to the airport after McSpadden reported an unspecified problem with the[…]   Read this article
What's The Buzz?
Sound. It’s what lured some of us unsuspecting into aviation. As a kid I reacted to the sound of an airplane engine ticking unseen among cicadas ghost-riding in the sky above my Wonder Bread and mayonnaise New Jersey neighborhood. The[…]   Read this article
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Best Of The Web: Stunning Alaska Flight
To go along with Paul Berge’s ruminations about airplane sounds, we offer this stunning short on flying a DHC-2 Beaver in Alaska. It’s from the Peter USA channel. The silent gliding approach to the dock on glassy water is itself[…] Read this article

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Mooney Pilot Overflies Area 51, Checking 'Frequencies'
According to a report from the Daily Caller, a 70-year-old California man flew his Mooney aircraft over Area 51 and is currently awaiting a call from the Department of Defense. In a series of voicemails, the pilot told the Daily[…] Read this article

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Spirit Cancels Flights For Aircraft 'Inspections'
Cancellations mounted at Spirit Airlines on Friday as the airline cited “necessary” inspections for some of its aircraft. Data from FlightAware  shows Spirit had canceled roughly 100 flights or 11 percent of its daily operations by Friday afternoon. Spirit said 25[…] Read this article

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Eviation Sells Up To 50 Electric Commuter Aircraft To German Startup
German startup flyVbird signed a letter of intent (LOI) for the purchase of 25 of Eviation’s Alice all-electric aircraft with options to buy 25 more. Alice, now valued at more than $5 billion, first debuted at the 2019 Paris Air[…] Read this article