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Volume 29, Number 26d, June 30, 2022
Aircraft Taking Ground Fire At Jackson Airport (Corrected And Updated)
A Physicians Air Transport King Air 200 medevac aircraft was hit by a bullet while parked at Hawkins Field in Jackson, Mississippi, on Monday and local officials didn’t seem very surprised. Apparently a dispute over the city’s garbage collection contract[…]   Read this article
A Very Special Issuance
The expression, “Got the surprise of my life,” loses credibility when the speaker shouldn’t be that surprised, e.g., “Got the surprise of my life and passed the check ride.” Congratulations, but why surprised? When an instructor preps a client properly for[…]   Read this article
Whelen 'Make the bright decision
Best Of The Web: The Death Of An Airplane
Although insurance is surely a nice thing to have, no one wants to suffer through the trauma of losing an airplane and cashing the check. But Rich Wellner recently did. A security camera caught the destruction of his Maule in[…] Read this article

AVweb 'Classifieds Break out on top
Air New Zealand May Rent Economy Bunks For Long Hauls
Air New Zealand will be offering its version of hot racking for economy passengers on its ultra-long-haul routes by renting bunks to allow them to unfold. If the authorities approve, one of the airline’s Boeing 787-9s will have six “Skynest”[…] Read this article

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ICAO Tells Russia To Stop Registering Foreign-Owned Airliners
On top of all the seizures and sanctions facing Russian aerospace, the International Civil Aviation Organization has also wagged its finger. The U.N. body, which ostensibly sets the rules for commercial aviation around the world, has told Russia that moving[…] Read this article

Brake Locked Up On Wagstaff's Bonanza Says NTSB
Excessive play in some brake parts was the probable cause of a runway accident involving airshow icon Patty Wagstaff and her V-Tail Bonanza at St. Augustine Airport in 2019. The final report on the mishap, which resulted in minor injuries[…] Read this article