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Volume 29, Number 23a, June 6, 2022
Fuel Valve Out Of Position In Miami Bridge Crash
The fuel tank selector valve was between Both and Right on the Cessna 172 that collided with two vehicles in an emergency landing on a bridge in Miami on May 14. The crash killed the pilot and injured two passengers[…]   Read this article
FAA Continues To Stall On G100UL
When last I worked myself into a virtual lather over the glacial non-progress of the stupidly over complicated process of finding an unleaded aviation fuel, I allowed as how I had grown old watching this process. I’m two months older[…]   Read this article
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AVweb Rewind: The Gliders Of Normandy
This week, beginning June 6th, marks the 78th anniversary of Operation Overlord, the invasion of northwestern Europe by Allied forces in 1944. At the time, it was the largest airborne operation by U.S., Canadian and British forces, although operation Market[…] Read this article

Jet Shades 'Cool your cockpit the easy way
Craig Field To Get U.S.’s First Remote Tower ATC Center
The Selma Economic Development Authority has announced plans to set up a Remote Tower Air Traffic Control Center at Craig Field (SEM) in Selma, Alabama. The project will be led by Valdosta, Georgia-based air traffic control academy Advanced ATC Inc.[…] Read this article

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American Parks 100 Regional Jets, Others Cut Schedules
American Airlines has parked about 100 regional jets because it can’t get enough pilots to fly them. CEO Robert Isom told an investor conference regional carriers are hardest hit by the pilot shortage. “There is a supply and demand imbalance[…] Read this article

Russia To Start Making Bootleg Boeing, Airbus Parts
As Russia’s world narrows with sweeping sanctions, it’s about to take the inevitable step of making about 100 state-of-the-art Airbus and Boeing airliners virtually worthless. The state aviation authority Rosaviatsia has issued production certificates to five Russian companies to start[…] Read this article

Sleepy Pilot Fired
An ITA Airways captain was fired after the airline says he fell asleep at the sidestick and almost triggered a military response. Controllers were unable to raise the crew of the A330 as it flew over France near the end[…] Read this article

Top Letters And Comments, June 3, 2022
Me And The A-10 When two PA-48 Enforcers arrived at Edwards AFB from Piper in Lakeland in 1984, the USAF wouldn’t establish a formal “Joint Test Force” (later, Combined Test Force) for them. The two airplanes were assigned directly to[…] Read this article